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The group we have consists of many different people with many different views, walks of life and even countries. i have grown to trust them and confide in them when i am unsure and to my surprise evey single one that i had the pleasure of interacting with was more than happy to help me out. AND that to me is worth more than just the money i earn from the program. i wanted to share my experience with you all in hopes this can answer some of your questions you have on your mind but wont ask them. Thanks you for taking the time to read this and please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any concerns or questions about my experience. Lastly i will leave you with this … give @Dr.Jasir786 program a try… keep it simple and follow his instructions do not deviate from it and you will see a profit !! and if you dont believe this , then please walk yourself to the Proft and loss channel and see for youself!! thank you all i wish you all the best of luck , health ,wealth and Happiness !! Gnite


Before joining this discord group, I was trading on my own for quite sometime and I thought I was doing well as I was somewhat profitable. Then one day I had a conversation with @Dr.Jasir786 about my way of trading and he made me realize I wasn’t really maximizing my profit and didn’t follow proper Risk Management. Then he gave me a game plan that mostly focused on risk management and compound profiting. He asked me to take all his calls and see the difference for myself in 90 days. Now 60+ days into taking most of his calls, I can confidently say that joining this group was one of the best decision I have ever made. My portfolio has been growing steadily without over leveraging my equity. Every week I have been part of this discord has been profitable. This group will help you cut down the stress and anxiety that comes with trading, maximize your profit and grow your portfolio while minimizing the risk that comes with it. In addition to making money, you also learn a-lot about the market, price action and psychology of trading from @Dr.Jasir786 and other traders in the group.It’s a great community to be part of. If you’re new to trading then let @Dr.Jasir786 guide you and you won’t regret it. Also, his Forex signals are fire ; take those as well.


As two weeks of my free trial of Journey with @Dr. Discord group. it was amazing feeling and comfortable with this group. As new learners it helps me lot with this awesome group. Even though I asked lot of dump questions, people have patience n answered all my questions so that I can move forward with my better trading. I love this group and definitely refer couple of my friends those who are already doing trading for long time. I wish @Dr.Jasir786 and his Discord group members to grow faster n come with their financial status more stable in near future. Good Luck to @everyone. Happy trading.


While discussing the stocks among family members, I was given the reference of “Investors Club”, and how @Dr.Jasir786 has been performing ever since they joined. Since the person I spoke with had zero experience with trading stocks and they mentioned that they have been making consistent profits for past couple of months, at that time – after listening to them, I decided to check it out. I can confidently say that this guy, @Dr.Jasir786, knows the game – no one has a 100% record but looking at the portfolio growth over a week and a month’s time-frames, the portfolio growth would definitely be green – as long as you stay disciplined and follow the rules he has set. He works on not growing your portfolio, but also immensely helps with your habits of being a disciplined-trader. Interim sessions are conducted where the members are encouraged to join and ask questions, along with the review of week’s trades. Just give it a try and you would see results yourselves. All you have to do is to stay disciplined and follow the rules. Good Luck! Didn’t want to end before saying “Thank you @Dr.Jasir786”


I found the Investors Club Discord while researching an OTC stock and immediately joined. I like most have a basic knowledge of the stock market and the “big” name companies. However, Dr. Jasir has enlightened me to a whole new level of knowledge and trading. He has a tried and proven system of alerts to trade in and out of positions to be profitable and at the same time reduce the overall market risk by not holding on to positions. I strongly recommend you join, follow the instructions as closely as possible and enjoy the returns. I’m thankful my path crossed with Dr. Jasir and his team, for their friendship and for many more successful days in the markets together.


I was introduced to @Dr.Jasir786 ’s discord almost a month ago and joining it has been one of the best decisions I have made. Not only has he provided the best signals for both day trading and Forex (that have been consistently profitable which is amazing), but he along with the rest of the network provide a wealth of knowledge for any variety of questions as well as their logic behind their decisions. The Zoom sessions have also been extremely insightful since it allowed a beginner day trader like myself get acclimated quickly to the rapid paced world of stocks and Forex. I’m looking forward to not only growing my investments but my knowledge of finance through his research and guidance.


@Dr.Jasir786 ‘s discord was introduced to me through a friend. I am fairly new to trading (although I have used Robinhood for a few months to get a feel for buying/tracking/selling stocks, options, and crypto ). @Dr.Jasir786 very quickly and politely answers all of my questions (no matter how basic) and also provides links to additional information for me to grow my knowledge. He also periodically holds training seminars where he walks through things like trading concepts, foreign exchange markets, and how he looks at the market and makes his recommendations. The last was very important for me because it instilled more confidence in him now that I can see the way he researches and makes his recommendations.


@Dr.Jasir786 has been really helpful for me to make my trades profitable. I was going long on trades before I met him and it was a hit and miss on which way the news went. I found that TA is proportionately way more reliable than waiting on the news game. And the net profits through TA are also more in value. I would highly recommend people to stick with his call outs. I have made mistakes like other people when I missed the notifications or messed up with the lot sizes. From experience, I would recommend everyone to stick with the lot sizes as well as the timing of entry and exits or make auto sell limit at a 10% or more margin to be safe I case you are busy. I have been way more successful in my trades with @Dr.Jasir786 than I was on my own thanks to him!


I’ve joined @Dr.Jasir786 discord few weeks ago and seems like he is very knowledgeable about the market, helpful and always answers your questions. I did make some profits from his callouts and the time I did not take his call to sell, I lost a few$ and ended regretting why I slept through I hope to make halal profits and grow my capital with him in the future Insha’Allah. Thanks @Dr.Jasir786 !


I know @Dr.Jasir786 for quite a long time now. I’ve seen his plays! He is extremely good. Helped me to get my mind set and psychological aspect of trading. Very helpful person, will check on you about your tradings and how’s life and staff. You won’t see these a lot in discord… Highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn and earn


I joined Dr. Jasir’s discord about a month ago and I’ve had a great experience so far. I’ve been making decent profit in most of the trades I took. Dr. Jasir takes his time and answers everyone’s questions. I would definitely recommend others to join and to take his courses to increase your knowledge of investing. A five star experience for me


I’ve joined this discord server last Thursday. Dr. Jasir and everyone has been extremely helpful, informative and straightforward. Although I’m a complete beginner with less than a month of trading experience, by following his advices and timely calls I’ve gained more and lost much less than I did trading alone. Along with his courses, he also offers tons of help for free. For those who are willing to learn how to invest the right way and earn a profit, I can’t recommend anyone better than Dr. Jasir and Investors Club


I’ve been trading with @Dr.Jasir786 for a few months now. I decided to take his class only after a couple of weeks seeing his work. If you have the money to play with FX, stock market, futures, etc then it’s a no brainer to invest in yourself. Anyway I took the class, and it’s bar none the reason I can make the trades and understand the process of FX. I was taking all of his calls, but now I am able to make some of my own calls from what I’ve learned. You don’t have to have a large account. SMALL gains ADD up to BIG gains. I started with $500. Grew it to $1k with Dr. Jasir’s help. Added 3K more of my personal funds. As of today I have gained around $1700 in gains. I definitely recommend his class and his discord. If you have any questions or there is anything I can do to help please reach out. You can see my PNL in the profit/loss section. I don’t sugar coat it. What you see is what happens with my account daily.