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Real Estate is something I’ve dabbled with since I was in my late teen’s to early twenties. I was fortunate enough to purchase my first home at the ripe age of 23. Even prior to that, redesigning rooms on a budget has been my forte and it has yielded some of the highest appraisals for my clients. From the hassle-some process of picking the right home to getting your first loan with as little as 10K down, I can assist you from start to finish. Here are a few of the services that we offer :

Buying and Selling: When purchasing the right home, you need to consider what is negotiable and what isn’t. Is this a home you would like to maximize your return or perhaps you are looking to live in it? How much will the renovations cost? Is it worth it? Do you plan on selling your house in 5 years or holding it for the full 30 year term? My team can walk you through this entire process of locating the best home for your needs. Whether you need a walk through of the entire process or you are looking to get the maximum value for your existing home, we can make it happen. Now…. every realtor tells you that — but I am not a realtor and am avid investor that started with $20,000 and have bought and sold multiple homes and have profited generously on each sale.  Contact us so we can work with your budget and have your vision become a reality.

AirBnb | VRBO – If you’ve heard of AirBnb, I’m sure you know how lucrative short term renting is. But setting up the right AirBnb is fairly challenging. The right colors, location, sensory experience, necessary amenities and of course having the right collateral are all essential components to running a successful BnB. To do this, it is imperative that you understand your audience, prospective guests and determining the right sweet spot in terms of pricing. My team and I can help you get this down as this is a true fine art. 

Renovations – One of the most important steps that you can take as a homeowner is to enhance your property– but doing so on a budget can prove to be super challenging. I’ve personally renovated kitchens, floors, recessed lighting, backyard renovations and creme of the crop landscaping with very little money– we are talking $2000 for the whole project kind of money. 

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