Passive Income

Blogging Income

Have you had a passion for writing about a topic for quite some time now? Think that your opinions and facts would be able to reach out to people and captivate that audience every time your material drops? Now is the time to engage in creating your own blog. Whether your true love is sports, medicine, food, or whatever the case may be, you have a possible income to gain from just writing about your passion. Through Google Adsense we will make sure that your blog is going to be successful and profitable. Contact us to learn more about implementing this into your life.

Air BNB Experiences

If you haven’t heard of Air BNB yet, then you need to update yourself on the world as a whole. Air BNB provides such an easy way to make your home or property a profitable stream of income. Some of you may be looking for long term steady tenants every year. Stop looking for those yearly tenants. You will get way more out of your property if you’re having it available throughout the year for folks to check in to. Yes there is a headache with maintaining the property but it’s nothing compared to how much more income you’ll be receiving. When the holidays roll around, you’ll see how busy your area gets and can adjust your prices accordingly for your property too.
You should continuously try to do cheap renovations to raise that property value and in turn raising how much you can charge per night. If you really have the time and the money, you can try to make your Air BNB property a one of a kind experience and charge a nice premium for folks to stay at and enjoy. Some of these absurd but luxurious experiences people put out for use on the app are homes included with a Tesla model S for you to drive around with, an airplane house, or even Seashell houses that make you think you’re hearing the ocean. You understand the point. If you need any further assistance with starting this, please let us know, we would be more than happy to guide you!

Quora Ask Questions

Have you always been the kid in your class that had the most puzzling questions that would even have your teacher stumble? Even if you weren’t that kid, I’m sure you have an active enough mind for some puzzling questions for the internet to answer. Yes you can Google plenty of questions to answer your homework or whatever the case is but there are plenty of other hypothetical, spiritual, and other types of questions that search engines do not have the answers for. This is where Quora comes into play. You may ask a controversial type of question or just one that grabs a lot of input from other people around the world and you’ll generate income just for those questions! It doesn’t hurt to put your opinion out there and get paid for it so start as soon as you can with this method of passive income.

Start Up Investing

I’m sure you’ve heard of Silicon Valley, Uber, Facebook, Tesla – It all happened there. But imagine being able to invest in the next big platform for pennies! That’s precisely what you can do. Look through hot trending startups that have immense potential and invest into a few hoping that one will make it big. It’s not random success, but we can help you pick the right companies with the greatest probability of success!! Contact us for a consultation.

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