Life Choices That Saves You A Ton Of Money

  1. Lease a vehicle, do not buy it. The maintenance costs of a car add up and you’ll realize it half way through the finance agreement. Lower payment + gas efficient vehicle + maintenance paid = $150/month
  2. Airbnb your place = Yes, it’s a hassle and yes you’re letting strangers into your apartment. But trust me, if you can deal with your annoying relatives a couple times a year, you can deal with someone paying you money to stay at your place once a month. You’ll be surprised how much you save.

3) Go to a state school and save yourself the private tuition. If you’re good at your craft, opportunities will open no matter if its Columbia or Andover College. (Of course, pick a career that’s projected growth is faster than average)
Buy your groceries, cleaning products and hygiene products in bulk. Go to Costco, BJ’s or That $35 you save adds up to $1000 a year. (that’s 33% of a down payment on a 100,000 house!)

4) Work smarter than all of your co-workers. Make your job dependent on you. Do not be the person that says “I don’t take shit from no one” Be the crutch, be the extra hand and when you notice they are dependent on you, ask for a raise. By doing so, you can highlight all the things that you bring to the table. If your company does not give you a raise in 24 months, move to the next. This is especially true if you are in your 20’s. JOB HOP.

5) Plan to retire early. Europe has adopted six hour working days for a reason. People end up cheating with coworkers for a reason. YOU SPEND SO MUCH FREEKN TIME AT WORK! Be realistic and be sharp! Plan out your finances and see how you keep to it every quarter.

6) Take small calculated risks. Invest in ideas. Find out the most frustrating experiences in your life. Attempt to provide a service that would make your frustrations more seamless. If you cannot, invest in ideas that you believe will exponentially change the world via Start Engine. DSC_0782.jpg