About Me

My name is Jasir Jilani and I’ve been dabbling into the finance and mental health realm for about 12 years. Much of my time in the financial realm has unfortunately been learning experiences that I would never trade away for anything. My journey began as an undergraduate student where I dabbled with some penny stocks and burned through my scholarship money faster than I had intended to. Much of my exposure into the stock market and investing as a whole began during the summer of 2007, where I knew I couldn’t survive off the retail jobs I was doing and barely scraping by.

There was a point in time during that summer where I had to dig out coins from the couch to afford a metro card. While my parents arent exactly rich, they don’t fit into the poverty level either , but asking them was too mortifying. And so, my repetitive exposure to the volatile stock market and my failing strategies gave me a nice reality check. It didn’t help that I was still 8 years away from finishing my graduate studies in mental health in hopes of becoming a clinical psychologist. Being broke was not fun and neither was the advice given to me by so called experts.

After being immersed deeply into the world of adulting, I learned how to earn money by seeking out the right investments, the best paying jobs, how to manage expectations and most importantly discover a discplined strategy that would get me through all kinds of market swings and recessions. In addition to having spent more than decade pursuing mental health studies on a Masters and Doctoral level, my journey allowed me to understand how to profitably trade penny and swing trades and complement that with the foreign exchange markets and leverage them against each other. Moreover, I spend a lot of my time helping young graduates and/or college students save and invest money the right way– whether it be in securities themselves or external revenue sources such as Airbnb’s, start up investing and other forms of residual income .

Today, I host a discord server that offers profitable penny stocks, swing stocks & foreign exchange pairs on a day-day basis. My services range from providing basic call outs to a comprehensive breakdown of the stock market or foreign exchange markets via 8 session courses. In addition to so, I also offer real estate planning, renovating, short & long term rental strategies alongside blogging and branding. My goal is to empower individuals to achieve financial freedom at a time frame that makes sense for their budget and situation.

I am currently looking to finish my masters at Columbia University and am actively engaged in all forms of residual income with the primary focus being day-day investing. Feel free to reach out to me to book some time to see how I can be of assistance to your financial goals.

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