5 Dont’s That Are Ruining Your Bank Account

  1. Starbucks Coffee – Yes, the overkill is real. No coffee is worth a 300 % hike up with a nice cardboard advertising. The coffee is still mass produced, processed and given to you. A custom coffee shop of your liking or a coffee maker would help you tremendously. It’s not just the coffee that plays on your psych. It’s the croissant and other delicatessen you purchase with it that eats up $7-10. In a week that’s $50 dollars.. In a month that’s $200. In a year that’s $2400. Imagine what $2400 can do for a 401k, bond or low-risk stocks market.
  2. Get Rid Of Your I Have No Financial Knowledge Attitude – The truth is most people even in the financial realm have no idea what they’re doing. It still doesn’t stop them from learning or investing. Start small and make an investment account with Acorns. The Acorns app can help you REPLACE that morning STARBUCKS bill with an investment withdrawal. Over the course of ten years, that unused change + $50 monthly investment returns beautifully. You’ll be surprised to have 20,000 in your savings account even though your checking account has less than 100.
  3. Eat at Home – Trust ME. That seamless bill adds up. Eat out on Fridays, weekends and on your date. But the weekdays should be invested with a proper meal plan. Cut your veggies once a week and store them. Your carbs—same thing. You can cook your meat in 20 minutes and heat up your rice or bread. You will see that your bank account has at least three digits.
  4. Get a drink at the bar once a week. Everyone needs balance. You want to have fun? Bring 100 dollars with you. Spend it, eat it, do whatever you want. Leave all your other cards at home.
  5. Instagram/Facebook/Social Media – Your brain slowly gets dopamine rushes every time you see that dress or shoes that you need to get it! Trust me– you don’t need it. They are leeches to your bank account and you only realize months after.