Investors Paradise

Investors Paradise


Welcome to Investing 101. If you know nothing about investing but would like to start, this is the place for you! If you know everything there is to know, but haven’t found success, then this is also for you. If you are comfortable with what you know and have found success, leave the page. Don’t fix whats not broken. 🙂


Now that we’ve gotten past the small talk, let’s make some money! I’ve catered this entire site to provide as much as free information as I can. With the advent of YouTube and Google, there is such a thing as too much information. Information overload, coupled with FOMO is the single reason why most traders and investors fail. This is why I’ve written each and every page to include ONLY the information that you absolutely need to succeed. The site focuses on 8 major forms of investments; with long term stocks and forex trading being at the forefront. Each tab is designed to provide you all the information, both written and visually to jumpstart your investing endeavors. While all the information is absolutely FREE, I do provide 1:1 coaching and offer courses starting at $250.

Real Estate

Real Estate is our third, yet most secure form of investment that we discuss in detail. We dive deep into the buying & selling, whether or not you are looking to flip homes or make rental income off them, how to secure loans with 4 digit down payments & much more. The gamut of information provided can help you make key decisions such as how much do you need to buy a profitable home? Where should you start to look for these homes? Which lenders provide the best rates for your particular situation? If you are absolutely convinced and feel prepared to pull the trigger, feel free to give me a buzz and we can go over what would be in your best interests. If you would like to master the real estate game, particularly in the North East region, I offer Real Estate courses that start from $350- $1000.

Passive Income

Last, but certainly not the least, my passive income section highlights a few means of active investing. Adsense blogging, Airbnb Experiences, Rental Cars & Driveways, Publishing & Royalty Income. Each of these areas have a plethora of information that puts you in the driver’s seat to make it all happen. Whether you’re ready to start sharing your insights on a blog and have Google pay you or your ready to start monetizing your skill on Airbnb experiences, the choice is ultimately yours. Of course, mastering a craft requires much more time, discipline and guidance. We offer full courses for each of these areas and offer 90 day support and an introduction to a lifetime network.

Housing Remodel – Looking to renovate your home? Wish to increase your property value? Learn how to get the look and feel you need to increase your property assessment without spending a fortune. Kitchen cabinets for a total of $1300? How about flooring for as little as $2000? What about landscaping for $300? We discuss all the look and feel techniques to help you increase your property value for dirt cheap. Use it to enhance your rentals or to sell your property. We offer custom courses to help you design your home inside and out. We also offer personalized services to help you lower your taxes, negotiate your home buying or selling price and changing the aesthetics so when someone steps onto your home or takes a step inside, they will be sure to ask how you got it done. Please review the Housing Remodel tab for more information.

Feel free to browse through each section and absorb all the content that you need to become successful at what you do.

Life & Money Hacks

This section is a complementary section that provides nifty tricks and decisions for life’s everyday hurdles. We offer the following and much more:

  • Making a few dollars for asking questions on Quora
  • Make $250 to go on vacation
  • Landscaping & remodeling under $500 to return $5000-$10,000
  • Is Your 401K really worth it?
  • Rent Vs. Lease? Which is better?
  • Traveling For Free.